Geotechnical and seismic microzonation map of the Bovec region


  • Mihael Ribičič


In 1998, the area of Upper Posočje in the north-west of Slovenia experienced the strongest earthquake in the 20th century in the Slovenian territory. There were no casualties, however, 4200 houses and other building were damaged. The Slovenian Government adopted an extensive plan of post-earthquake restoration, which was almost fully completed by 2003. In place of 160 buildings that suffered too much damage to be repaired new ones were constructed. A geotechnical map of wider Bovec area was produced to be used for planning, location selection and determination of foundation conditions. The geotechnical map was prepared on the basis of the existing geological map, which was additionally reviewed and supplemented on the field. This was added by the geotechnical field research data, including an overview of the existing documents on the foundation construction in the area concerned, engineering geological mapping and drilling of 20 boreholes in areas where the data on ground composition was insufficient. The geotechnical map was supplemented with GIS databases of the damage to buildings and the nature. For buildings for which foundation conditions were determined during restoration, a special database was additionally created. The data collected was also used for the preparation of the seismic microzonation map, which served as the basis for the static designing of seismically safe construction.


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