Author Guidelines

All submitted manuscripts are peer-reviewed. When submitting a paper, authors can suggest three reviewers. Note that the editorial office retains the sole right to decide whether the suggested reviewers are used. Authors should correct their papers according to the instructions given by the reviewers. Should you disagree with any part of the reviews, please explain why. Revised manuscript will be reconsidered for publication.

Author’s declaration: Submission of a paper for publication in GEOLOGIJA implies that the work described has not been published previously, that it is not under consideration for publication elsewhere and that, if accepted, it will not be published elsewhere.

Authors agree that their contributions published in GEOLOGIJA are open access under the licence CC BY 4.0.

Language: Papers should be written in English or Slovene and should have both English and Slovene abstracts.

Types of papers:

  • Original scientific paper
    In an original scientific paper, original research results are published for the first time and in such a form that the research can be repeated and the results checked. It should be organised according to the IMRAD scheme (Introduction, Methods, Results, And Discussion).
  • Review scientific paper
    In a review scientific paper, the newest published works on specific research field or works of a single researcher or a group of researchers are presented in order to summarise, analyse, evaluate or synthesise previously published information. However, it should contain new information and/or new interpretations.
  • Professional paper
    Technical papers give information on research results that have already been published and emphasise their applicability.
  • Discussion paper
    A discussion gives an evaluation of another paper, or parts of it, published in GEOLOGIJA or discusses its ideas.
  • Book review
    This is a contribution that presents a content of a new book in the field of geology.

Style guide:
Submitted manuscripts should not exceed 20 pages of A4 format including figures, tables and plates. Only exceptionally and in agreement with the editorial board longer contributions can also be accepted.

Manuscripts submitted to the editorial office should include figures, tables and plates in electronic format organized according to the following scheme:

  • Title (maximum 12 words)
  • Authors (full name and family name, postal address and e-mail address)
  • Key words (maximum 7 words)
  • Abstract (maximum 300 words)
  • Text
  • References
  • Figure and Table Captions
  • Tables, Figures, Plates

References: References should be cited in the text as follows: (Flügel, 2004) for a single author, (Pleničar & Buser, 1967) for two authors and (Mlakar et al., 1992) for multiple authors. Pages and figures should be cited as follows: (Pleničar, 1993, p. 67) and (Pleničar, 1993, fig. 1). Anonymous internet resources should be cited as (Internet 1). Only published references should be cited. Manuscripts should be cited only in some special cases in which it also has to be stated where they are kept. Cited reference list should include only publications that are mentioned in the paper. Authors should be listed alphabetically. Journal titles should be given in a standard abbreviated form. A DOI identifier, if there is any, should be placed at the end as shown in the first case below.

Taxonomic names should be in italics, while names of the authors of taxonomic names should be in normal, such as Clypeaster pyramidalis Michelin, Galeanella tollmanni (Kristan), Echinoidea.

Articles should be listed as follows:

  • Mali, N., Urbanc, J. & Leis, A. 2007: Tracing of water movement through the unsaturated zone of a coarse gravel aquifer by means of dye and deuterated water. Environ. geol., 51/8: 1401–1412.
  • Pleničar, M. 1993: Apricardia pachiniana Sirna from lower part of Liburnian beds at Divača (Triest-Komen Plateau). Geologija, 35: 65–68.

Books should be listed as follows:

  • Flügel, E. 2004: Mikrofacies of Carbonate Rocks. Springer Verlag, Berlin: 976 p.
  • Jurkovšek, B., Toman, M., Ogorelec, B., Šribar, L., Drobne, K., Poljak, M. & Šribar, Lj. 1996: Formacijska geološka karta južnega dela Tržaško-komenske planote – Kredne in paleogenske kamnine 1: 50.000 = Geological map of the southern part of the Trieste-Komen plateau – Cretaceous and Paleogene carbonate rocks. Geološki zavod Slovenije, Ljubljana: 143 p., incl. Pls. 23, 1 geol. map.

Book chapters should be listed as follows:

  • Turnšek, D. & Drobne, K. 1998: Paleocene corals from the northern Adriatic platform. In: Hottinger, L. & Drobne, K. (eds.): Paleogene Shallow Benthos of the Tethys. Dela SAZU, IV. Razreda, 34/2: 129-154, incl. 10 Pls.

Internet sources should be listed as follows:

  • Known author and title:
    • Čarman, M. 2009: Priporočila lastnikom objektov, zgrajenih na nestabilnih območjih. Internet: (17. 1. 2010)
  • Unknown authors and title:
    • Internet: (22.10.2009)
  • When more than one unit from the internet are cited, they should be numbered:
    • Internet 1: (15.11. 2000)
    • Internet 2: (10.12. 2009)

Figures, tables and plates: Figures (illustrations and photographs), tables and plates should be numbered consecutively and marked as Fig. 1, Fig. 2 etc., and saved as TIFF, JPG, EPS or PDF files and submitted at 300 dpi. Colour pictures will be published only on the basis of previous agreement with the editorial office. If, together with the article, you submit colour figures then these figures will appear in colour only in the Website version of the article. Be careful that the grey scale printed version is also readable. Graphic materials should be adapted to the journal’s format. They should be up to 172 mm (one page) or 83 mm wide (half page, one column), and up to 235 mm high. Larger formats can only be printed as a double-sided illustration (left and right) with a cut in the middle. All graphic materials should be referred to in the text and numbered in the sequence in which they are cited. The approval for using illustrations previously published in other journals or books should be obtained by each author.
When a paper is written in Slovene it has to have the entire text which accompanies illustrations and tables written both in Slovene and English. Figure and table captions should be kept as short as possible.

Proofs: Proofs (in pdf format) will be sent by e-mail to the corresponding author. Corrections are made by the authors. They should correct only typographical errors. Short additions and changes are possible, but they will be charged to the authors.
GEOLOGIJA is an open access journal; all pdfs can be downloaded from the website:

Submission: Authors should submit their papers in electronic form to the address of the GEOLOGIJA editorial office:

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