Article submission

Submissions to this journal proceed via email. Please see the instructions below.

Author’s declaration on submission

  • The results of the article are original and have not been previously published, nor will they be considered for publication in another journal until the end of the review process in journal Geologija.
  • Corresponding author handles all correspondence about the article and confirms that all authors agree with the content of manuscript and confirm that they are authors of the manuscript and approve the submission to Geologija.
  • It is the authors' responsibility to secure all necessary copyright permissions for the use of 3rd-party materials in their manuscript.
  • Authors agree to the publication of their works under Creative Commons CC BY 4.0. Authors retain the copyright and full publishing rights without restrictions (© Author(s)).
  • Authors agree that the published articles are uploaded to the journal’s website and also to the portal Digital library of Slovenia (dLib) and to Digital repository of Slovenian research organizations (DiRROS).
  • Authors are aware of the Privacy statement.

Sections in Geologija

  • Editorial
  • Original article
    In an original scientific article, original research results are published for the first time and in such a form that the research can be repeated and the results checked. It should be organised according to the IMRAD scheme.
  • Review article
    In a review scientific article, the newest published works in specific research topic or works of a single researcher or a group of researchers are presented in order to summarise, analyse, evaluate or synthesise previously published information. However, it should provide new insights and/or new interpretations.
  • Data article (up to two data articles per issue will be published)
    A data article is a scientific publication describing data or dataset (raw, analysed or filtered). Authors or their institutions must own the original copyright to the data/dataset. The main goal is to describe one or more research datasets to make them reusable, reproducible, replicable, with value to the research community. It does not offer conclusions or interpretive insights. The data must be made freely available as an appendix to the manuscript or stored in a trusted data repository.
  • Professional article
    A professional article gives the latest insight into the on-the-ground experiences and presents what is already known with the emphasis on the applicability of results and the dissemination of knowledge.
  • Reports and more
  • Publication review
    This is a contribution that presents a content of a new publication in the field of geology.
  • In Memoriam

Submission getting ready

You can use this list to carry out a final check of your submission to ensure that the following items are present when submitting your article for review and after review. Please check the relevant information in Author guidelines for more details.

All necessary files that must be submitted in each step:

  1. First submission
  • Submission form: filled in, signed and scanned.
  • Manuscript with figures and tables. Please ensure the figures and the tables included are placed next to the relevant text in the manuscript. The corresponding caption should be placed directly below the figure or above the table.

Send all the above-mentioned documents via email.

  1. After revision (revised submissions)
  • Manuscript with track changes
  • Clean copy of manuscript
  • File with responses to reviewer’s comments
  • Figures as separate files of good quality (see detailed instructions for graphics in Author guidelines)
  • Tables as separate files
  • File with figure and table captions

Send all the above-mentioned documents via email.