Scythian beds in the Toško Čelo area (Slovenia)


  • Matevž Novak



During widening of the road in the Toško Čelo hamlet, a 750 m long cross-section of Scythian beds was exposed in the year 1998. Sandy micaceous dolomite, interbedded by lens-shaped beds of oolitic dolomite with Holopella gracilior and Natica sp. gastropods and overlying clastic horizon with Claraia clarai pelecypods and interbeds of calcarenites and oolites represent the Lower Scythian succession. The lower part was deposited in quiet littoral environment, however the upper part indicates shallow water with higher energy-index. In not much deeper but stiller water of restricted littoral shelf the sedimentation of limestone beds with Turbo rectecostatus and Natiria costata gastropods was going on in the Upper Scythian. The Toško Čelo Scythian succession indicates a great similarity to other Slovenian successions.


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Novak, M. (2001). Scythian beds in the Toško Čelo area (Slovenia) . Geologija, 44(2), 295–303.




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