Paleozoic beds in the Lenart at Luša area (Slovenia)


  • Ivan Mlakar



The case of Lenart at Luša serves us to draw attention to several problems of geologic mapping of areas consisting of rocks below the Val Gardena Formation. In spite of absence of uninterrupted profiles and paleontologic data (microflora, pollen) and inconclusive evidence on compositional differences of seemingly identical clastites from various parts of the stratigraphic column the geologic structure of such areas in west Slovenia could be satisfactorily explained. For this we relied upon the knowledge on intensity of erosion processes during theSaalian tectonic phase and on the presence of the characteristic horizon of coarse conglomerates with limestone pebbles that are a result, according to our opinion, of the Asturian tectonic phase.


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Mlakar, I. (2001). Paleozoic beds in the Lenart at Luša area (Slovenia) . Geologija, 44(2), 217–225.