Biostratigraphy of Shallow Marine Jurassic Beds in Southeastern Slovenia


  • Stevo Dozet
  • Ljudmila Šribar



The stratigraphic range of fossils collected from different localities has been studied and used as a basis for biostratigraphic subdivision of Jurassic beds in southeastern Slovenia. On the basis of collected micropaleontological data in the area between Logatec, Žužemberk and the river Kolpa, it has been possible to define all units used for the biozonation of these beds in Outer Dinarides. The following cenozones, which can be recognized throughout the carbonate platform area, have been determined: Palaeodasycladus mediterraneus, Mesoendothyra croatica, Selliporella donzellii, Salpingoporella (Macroporella) sellii and Clypeina jurassica. Some of the above-mentioned cenozones are further divided into subzones. A brief correlation has been carried out among Kočevje shelf lagoon, the Vrhnika-Logatec back-reef and the Suha Krajina central and fore reef Jurassic sediments and fossils. In the back-reef area the cenozone Palaeodasycladus mediterraneus with the subzone Orbitopsella praecursor, the horizon Dictyoconus cayeuxi and the cenozone Protopeneroplis striata have been established.


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Dozet, S., & Šribar, L. (1997). Biostratigraphy of Shallow Marine Jurassic Beds in Southeastern Slovenia. Geologija, 40(1), 187–221.




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