Geologic structure of Southern Slovenia


  • Uroš Premru


From the structure-facies analysis it is clearly seen that Southern Slovenia broadly consists of two main tectonic units: firstly, of an indivisible unit of the Southern Alps and the Outer Dinarides, and secondly of the Southern Pannonian massif. The latter is related to an oceanic plate of transitional character, and the former to the Continental Adriatic plate. Both the Continental and the oceanic plate are offset along the Zagreb fault, the activity of which increases toward northeast, but becomes gradually weaker toward southwest i. e. toward the Outer Dinarides where it appears to die out. In the Pannonian Basin Tertiary structure-facies zones do not conform to the dip and strike of the underlying Mesozoic structure-facies units, whereas both the overlying and underlying zones are parallel in the Adriatic Basin.


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