Heat flow density in the fault basin of Konjice


  • Danilo Ravnik
  • Renato Verbovšek
  • Uroš Premru


The character of the rocks within the fault basin of Konjice and the mode of their arrangement, and the hydrogeologic conditions appear to be favourable for the accumulation and extraction of geothermal energy and water supply. Middle Triassic dolomite is believed to be the most important water bearing formation. It is underlain by high grade metamorphic schist of the Pohorje Mountains and overlain by Miocene marl. The uncorrected heat flow density determined for the depth interval of 100—400 meters amounts to 75 mWm-2 ±35 %. The specific enthalpy of the discharged water was about 0.025 MJ/kg.


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Ravnik, D., Verbovšek, R., & Premru, U. (1982). Heat flow density in the fault basin of Konjice. Geologija, 25(2), 327–333. Retrieved from https://www.geologija-revija.si/index.php/geologija/article/view/520