Ring structure of Škofja Loka in Central Slovenia


  • Uroš Premru
  • Trajan Dimkovski


By means of aerial and satellite photographs as well as detailed geological and geophysical maps a ring structure was delineated in the area of Škofja Loka in Central Slovenia. It is supposed that an inherited structure of Late Paleozoic upthrown fault block is in question. Due to tectonic activity of the fault block migration and concentration of Late Paleozoic sedimentary ore minerals have taken place at the end of Variscan orogeny. In the centre of the ring structure uranium an copper ore minerals prevail associated with some trace elements, whereas along its margin the uranium and beyond the structure copper minerals are met with together with other characteristic trace elements. In consequence of neotectonic movements the ore bodies were shifted along the fractures.


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Premru, U., & Dimkovski, T. (1981). Ring structure of Škofja Loka in Central Slovenia. Geologija, 24(1), 61–71. Retrieved from https://www.geologija-revija.si/index.php/geologija/article/view/484