Geologic structure of southwestern Slovenia


  • Ladislav Placer


In discussing the geologic structure of southwest Slovenia, attention is confined to kinematics relevant to the evolution of different gradations of thrusts. Besides the autochthon of Istria the following main structural units are distinguished: Koper thrust fault, Komen and Snežnik thrust sheets, as well as Hrušica and Trnovo nappes. Between these structures the so called interjacent slices occur. The structural units are not of the same date of origin. Moreover, they have come in existence successively. The oldest appears to be the Trnovo nappe which caused the movement of the Hrušica nappe, and so forth. The movements of the main tectonic units are illustrated by a diagram which is an exponential function dependent upon the thickness of a certain tectonic unit and on the length of its thrusting. On the basis of relative lengths of thrusting Tertiary geologic features have been restored to their geographic positions before thrusting.


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