Tectonics and gravitational phenomena (Nanos, Slovenia)


  • Ladislav Placer
  • Andrej Mihevc
  • Igor Rižnar




The Istra Pushed Area is a specifically deformed territory of the northwestern part of the External Dinarides. It formed due to the movement of the Istra block as part of the Adriatic Microplate (Adria) towards the Dinarides since the middle Miocene. The movement of the Istra block caused hereditary shifts along the old dislocations dating back to the early formation stage of the formation of the Dinarides at the end of the Eocene and their deformation. These deformations are reflected also in certain extreme gravitational phenomena along the boundary between the External Dinaric Imbricated Belt and the External Dinaric Thrust Belt, where Mesozoic carbonates are thrusted upon the Cenozoic flysch. The boundary zone between these two belts connects the Trnovo, Hrušica and Snežnik Thrust Fronts. Four specific gravitational phenomena that occurred in this boundary zone are presented here, as they are remarkable in terms of their size: Črna griža (Trnovo Nappe), Suhi vrh (Hrušica Nappe), Petelinje mlake and Ilirska Bistrica (both from the Snežnik Nappe). The phenomena at Suhi vrh is described in detail herein.


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Placer, L., Mihevc, A., & Rižnar, I. (2021). Tectonics and gravitational phenomena (Nanos, Slovenia). Geologija, 64(1), 35–63. https://doi.org/10.5474/geologija.2021.003




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