Principles of the tectonic subdivision of Slovenia


  • Ladislav Placer



New tectonic subdivision of the junction region between Alps and Dinarides which incorporates Eastern Alps, Southern Alps, Dinarides, Pannonian basin and Adriatic-Apulia foreland is described in this article. The course of the boundary between Southern Alps and Dinarides is updated. Dinarides are subdivided into the Internal and External Dinarides. Internal Dinarides comprise only the areas with deep water sedimentary successions and ophiolites. External Dinarides are composed for the most part of the Adriatic-Dinaric carbonate platform and of transitional area to the Internal Dinarides. Herak's subdivision of the External Dinarides into Adriatic, Epiadriatic and Dinaric is not accepted, because he assumes two separate Mesozoic carbonate platforms (Adriatic and Dinaric). In Slovenia, however, existed only one Mesozoic carbonate platform, so it is justified to use the term Adriatic-Dinaric carbonate platform. It started to disintegrate in the Paleocene. The position of the Adriatic microplate is also included in this subdivision.


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Placer, L. (2008). Principles of the tectonic subdivision of Slovenia. Geologija, 51(2), 205–217.