A new graphical technique to record the observed data in geology


  • Ladislav Placer


Various alternative techniques may be used to draw contoured point diagrams based on Wulff and Schmidt nets. The Dimitrijevič net, though conformed to the sexagesimal system of the Schmidt net, does not allow precise features to be obtained for the observed data in structural geology. Its incompletion is due to inequal intervals between the mesh knots on different parallels. In order to bring together the statistical objectivity of regularly distributed points in the Strand net and the clear arrangement of the Dimitrijevič net a new graphical technique is considered. Ali the parallels of the new net variant are divided in equal segments. The distribution unit is 1.234 cm, which is the same as on the equatorial circle of the base hemisphere. The deviation from the basic unit is — 1.51 percent to + 4.19 percent on the newly suggested net, while on the Dimitrijevič net it amounts to —35.73 percent.


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