Geologic structure of Central Slovenia


  • Uroš Premru


The geologic relations of Central Slovenia are illustrated from the facies analysis point of view. Several structure-facies units of the geosynclinals and tardygeosynclinal cycles of the Alpine orogeny could be distinguished. By ihe distribution of the structure-facies units a diverging of the Outer Dinarides from the Southern Alps is indicated. The Ljubljana zone appears to be the boundary zone between them. The reason for the branching off seems to be the left lateral separation of the Podvolovljek transform fault and the related spreading of the epig'eosynclina.l space in the east of the fault. There the divergence advanced from the Ladinian stage onward. Central Slovenia is related to the epigeosvnclinal part of the Continental Adriatic plate. After the spreading in the Ladinian stage and Lower Jurassic period the region underwent strong tectonic processes. They owe their origin to the large scale right lateral separation along transcurrent faults during the tardygeosynclinal cycle. In neotectonic time inherited structures were superimposed during the postgeosynclinal cycle.


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