Carnian beds south and west of the Ljubljana Moor


  • Stevo Dozet


Carnian beds from the western and Southern borderland of Ljubljana Moorland are subdivided into Cordevolian, Julian, and Tuvalian substages. The Cordevolian dolomite and reef limestone are identified by Diplopora annulata Schafhäutl and by Trocholina cordevolica Oberhauser. The Julian substage is characterized by a pelecypod association and by the foraminiferal species of Trocholina procera (Liebus). The Tuvalian beds do not show a distinctive feature anywhere. Moreover they resemble the underlying Julian beds. The Julian-Tuvalian sequence begins with breccia composed either of the bauxite fragments or broken limestone and dolomite cemented together in bauxitic matrix. Elsewhere iron- or silica-rich bauxite occurs. The bauxite rock unit is followed by alternating layers of carbonate and clastic rocks. The top appears to be of transitional character.


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