Kraški rob (landscape term) Geologic section along the motorway Kozina - Koper (Capodistria)


  • Ladislav Placer



Geologic section along the motorway from Kozina to Koper in totality exposed geologic structure of the border belt between Adriatic-Apulian foreland and Dinarides that was formed by subthrusting of Adriatic-Apulian foreland (Istria, Friuli) underneath External Dinarides (Kras, Čičarija). During this process within the subthrusting belt a geomorphologic step was formed at sites where limestone became overthrust on flysch beds. A part of this geomorphologic step became known in the last decade of 20st century as the Kraški rob (Karst edge). With respect to geologic and geomorphologic considerations the term Kraški rob (»Karst Edge«) as landscape term for cliffs above the valleys of the Osapska reka and upper Rižana rivers should be distinguished from term karst edge (kraški rob) as a general term which is a synonym for the geomorphologic step consisting of precipitous cliffs and steep carbonate slopes situated entirely between the mouth of the river Timava and Mt. Učka that form the border belt between the karstic plateaus of Kras and Čičarije from one side, and the flysch Istria with the Trieste flysch coastal zone on the other side.


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Placer, L. (2007). Kraški rob (landscape term) Geologic section along the motorway Kozina - Koper (Capodistria). Geologija, 50(1), 29–44.