Recent activity of the regional geologic structures in western Slovenia


  • Igor Rižnar
  • Božo Koler
  • Miloš Bavec



Several important geological structures in the western Slovenia were identified as active and their activity was quantified. Geologic interpretation is based on the analysis of repeated leveling line campaigns data along the Sečovlje-Bled polygon. Taking into account the limitations of the method - only the vertical component of displacement is measured - the following structures were identified as active: a juvenile syncline between Strunjan and Koper, the Kras Imbricate Structure, the Divača fault, the Raša fault, the Southalpine Front and the Julian Alps thrust. Vertical movement rate is relative, calculated with respect to the benchmark in Sečovlje. The largest uplift rate difference between Sečovlje and Bled is 7 mm/a.Vertical Geodynamic Activity (VGA) is introduced as a link between geologic interpretation of geodetic measurements on one side and possible applications on the other as well as a mean of comparison between tectonically active regions.


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Rižnar, I., Koler, B., & Bavec, M. (2007). Recent activity of the regional geologic structures in western Slovenia. Geologija, 50(1), 111–120.




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