Review of the research and evolution of landslides in the hinterland of Koroška Bela settlement (NW Slovenia)


  • Tina Peternel
  • Ela Šegina
  • Jernej Jež
  • Mateja Jemec Auflič
  • Mitja Janža
  • Janko Logar
  • Matjaž Mikoš
  • Miloš Bavec



This paper gives an overview of landslide research and the activity of landslides located above the Koroška Bela settlement in Northwest Slovenia. There are several landslides in this area and they pose a direct threat to the settlement below. The settlement is very densely populated (about 2,100 inhabitants) and has well-developed industry and infrastructure. It is built on deposits from past debris flows, indicating that large slope mass movements have occurred in the past. In this regard, the hinterland of Koroška Bela has been investigated since 2006, within the framework of various research, technical and European projects. The most extensive geological and geotechnical investigations were carried out after April 2017, when part of the Čikla landslide collapsed and mobilised into a debris flow. All of the investigations which have been carried out over the years revealed that the hinterland of Koroška Bela is characterised by high landslide activity due to geological, hydrogeological and tectonic conditions. In order to protect people and their property, it is essential to implement a holistic mitigation measure which includes remediation works (drainage works, debris flow breaker, etc.) and non-structural measures (monitoring system, early warning system, risk management, etc.). Regular and continuous monitoring of all landslides is also crucial to observe the landslide dynamics and evaluate the effectiveness of structural mitigation measures.


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Peternel, T., Šegina, E., Jež, J., Jemec Auflič, M., Janža, M., Logar, J., Mikoš, M., & Bavec, M. (2022). Review of the research and evolution of landslides in the hinterland of Koroška Bela settlement (NW Slovenia). Geologija, 65(2), 129–147.




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