The Cordevolian reef on the Menina, Kamnik-Savinja Alps, Slovenia


  • Anton Ramovš
  • Luka Šribar



The peaks of Menina with Vivodnik, Snežni vrh, Globače, Vrtačnik, Ovčji stan, Vetrnik and Petelinjek, as well the area between them consist of Cordevolian (Lover Carnian, Triassic) reef limestone and partly dolomitic limestone, and dolomite with corals Margarophyllia capitata (Münster), Margarosmilia septanectens (Loretz) and Tropidendron sp., sponges Solenolmia manon (Münster) and Alpinothalamia slovenica (Senowbari-Daryan), microproblematicum Ladinella porata (Kraus & Ott) and Plexoramea cerebriformis (Mello). The reef limestone of Menina has the same faunistic characteristics with the same species of corals, sponges and microproblematica as the Cordevolian reef limestone in the northern Julian Alps, which is an indication of a unique sedimentation region for the two areas on the carbonate platform.


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Ramovš, A., & Šribar, L. (1992). The Cordevolian reef on the Menina, Kamnik-Savinja Alps, Slovenia. Geologija, 35(1), 73–80.




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