Upper Permian and Scythian beds in the Tržič area


  • Tadej Dolenec
  • Bojan Ogorelec
  • Jože Pezdič


Upper Permian and Scythian beds of the Tržič district in the Karavanke Alps have been examined in detail in order to determine the particular conditions under which the successive rock-units were formed. A cellular dolomite prevails at the beginning of the Upper Permian succession and points to environmental conditions characterized by the deposition of evaporites. It is overlain by a biomicrite dolomite pertaining to the littoral shelf. The lower part of the Scythian series is characterized by oolitic limestone interbeds within a succession of dolomite, micritic limestone, shale and marl. During the Upper Permian-Lower Scythian time a humide-temperate climatic zone covered most of the Karavanke Alps as indicated by the isotope composition of oxygen and carbon determined from the limestone. Alternation of dark biomicrite limestone, sandstone, and dolomite occurs in the upper part of the Scythian series. From the shore accumulations persistent over wide areas it is justifiable to infer that a long-continued carbonate shelf spread in the region of the Karavanke Alps during the time interval of Upper Permian-Scythian.


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Dolenec, T., Ogorelec, B., & Pezdič, J. (1981). Upper Permian and Scythian beds in the Tržič area. Geologija, 24(2), 217–238. Retrieved from https://www.geologija-revija.si/index.php/geologija/article/view/492




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