Impact of climate change on landslides in Slovenia in the mid-21st century


  • Mateja Jemec Auflič
  • Gašper Bokal
  • Špela Kumelj
  • Anže Medved
  • Mojca Dolinar
  • Jernej Jež



Slovenia is affected by extreme and intense rainfall that triggers numerous landslides every year, resulting in significant human impact and damage to infrastructure. Previous studies on landslides have shown how rainfall patterns can influence landslide occurrence, while in this paper, we present one of the first study in Slovenia to examine the impact of climate change on landslides in the mid-21st century. To do this, we used the Representative Concentration Pathway (RCP) 4.5 climate scenario and future climatology simulated by six climate models that differed from each other as much as possible while representing measured values of past climate variables as closely as possible. Based on baseline period (1981-2010) we showed the number of days with exceedance of rainfall thresholds and the area where landslides may occur more frequently in the projection period (2041-2070). We found that extreme rainfall events are likely to occur more frequent in the future, which may lead to a higher frequency of landslides in some areas.


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Jemec Auflič, M., Bokal, G., Kumelj, Špela, Medved, A., Dolinar, M., & Jež, J. (2021). Impact of climate change on landslides in Slovenia in the mid-21st century. Geologija, 64(2), 159–171.




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