The Sistiana Fault and the Sistiana Bending Zone (SW Slovenia)


  • Ladislav Placer
  • Petra Jamšek Rupnik
  • Bogomir Celarc



The Sistiana Fault is an alleged disjunctive deformation of Microadria in the sea bottom of the Gulf of Trieste. Onshore, it is visible only in the Sistiana Bay, but towards the northeast it soon pinches-out, in structural-geometric terms it diminishes soon after the crossing of the thrust boundary of the Dinarides, or the Istrian-Friuli Underthrustig Zone, respectively. Further to the northeast, only the bending zone is developed in the External Dinarides, which stretches all the way from the Sistiana Bay to the Idrija-Žiri area. We named it the Sistiana Bending Zone. Its direction can be determined based on geological maps and is around 60°, so we conclude that the Sistiana Fault should extend approximately in this direction. In the bending zone, the Trieste-Komen Anticlinorium, the Vipava Synclinorium, the Trnovo Nappe opposite to the Hrušica Nappe and the Raša and Idrija Faults are laterally bent. The size of the bend is the largest in the Sistiana Bay, and in the east-northeast direction it decreases linearly. The general geological circumstances suggest that the Sistiana Fault has not been recently active.


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Placer, L., Jamšek Rupnik, P., & Celarc, B. (2021). The Sistiana Fault and the Sistiana Bending Zone (SW Slovenia). Geologija, 64(2), 221–252.