West Balkan Mineral Register of Primary Raw Materials


  • Duška Rokavec
  • Matej Draksler
  • Dejan Levstek
  • Snježana Miletić




Rational and long-term planning and sustainable mineral resources management is of strategic importance in Europe’s efforts to secure the self-supply of mineral raw materials. European mineral data is organized and accessible within the pan-European Minerals Intelligence Network. Most EU countries are part of this network, while the West Balkan region presents a gap in this regard. A common West Balkan mineral register needs to be established in order to close the gap and bring the area closer to the EU market. Including the region into the network would provide new opportunities to local industry and improve mineral management at the national and regional level. In this context, the Geological Survey of Slovenia is working in cooperation with numerous partners and stakeholders in different projects within the framework of European initiatives and programs. We collected and properly organized relevant data on minerals in the region according to the INSPIRE Directive. This paper describes the creation of the West Balkan Mineral Register of primary raw materials, and its content.


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Rokavec, D., Draksler, M., Levstek, D., & Miletić, S. (2021). West Balkan Mineral Register of Primary Raw Materials. Geologija, 64(1), 95–105. https://doi.org/10.5474/geologija.2021.006