Mineral Deposits of Public Importance (MDoPI) in Slovenia


  • Duška Rokavec
  • Kim Mezga




The second pillar of the "Raw materials initiative - meeting our critical needs for growth and jobs in Europe" praises the intention of safeguarding mineral deposits from Sterilisation. In the near future, each Member State may protect access to mineral deposits of public importance (MDoPI) in accordance with its national legislation framework. Every Member State should identify its own mineral deposits of public importance to be incorporated into spatial plans. A list of suggested MDoPIs has been created for Slovenia in terms of safeguarding the access to deposits and sustainable mineral supply in the future. The survey of potential MDoPIs is described, and a map of suggested mineral areas is created. 30 areas/deposits have been selected and designated on the national level. On the local/regional level, up to 50 extraction sites were suggested as aggregates supply centres (quarries of crushed stones and gravel pits). Less than 0.5 % of the national territory might be dedicated to future mineral safeguarding. This paper presents the proposed list of potential safeguarded areas of MDoPIs in Slovenia and the MDoPIs map. The list is not closed or finally accomplished, but it is a dynamic System. It will be adopted referring to new geological research results as well as social needs. Nineteen countries are participating in the MINATURA2020 project (Horizon2020 program), and seven of them were selected as case studies (United Kingdom, Italy, Sweden, Portugal, Hungary, Poland, and Slovenia) regarding the differences in the territorial size, types of mineral endowment, and national mineral policies. The project provides an opportunity to engage with the issue and begin the safeguarding process on the national level.


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Rokavec, D., & Mezga, K. (2017). Mineral Deposits of Public Importance (MDoPI) in Slovenia. Geologija, 60(1), 117–128. https://doi.org/10.5474/geologija.2017.009