Upper Carboniferous (Gshelian) pelecypods from Javorniški rovt, the Karavanke Alps, Slovenia


  • Kira Aleksandrova Astafeva - Urbajtis
  • Anton Ramovš


A rich pelecypod fauna from the Upper Carboniferous (Gshelian) Shale and marly Shale of the Karavanke Alps (loc. Spodnja počivala = “Javornik- Fall”, Javorniški rovt) is described. Among 22 species the following 8 taxons are new: Parallelodon javornikensis, Ptychopteria (Actinopteria) gjelica, Acanthopecten ramovsi, Annuliconcha spinosa, Amonotis palaeozoicus, Ivanovia slovenica, Grammysiopsis carboniferous, Cucullopsis quadrata jugoslavica. Two pelecypod groups of different ages could be distinguished: the first indicating the Middle/Upper Carboniferous age, and the second the Upper Carboniferous/Lower Permian age. Cucullopsis quadrata jugoslavica and Ivanovia slovenica are rare and interesting; the genus Amonotis, designated as a typical endemic pelecypod in the Triassic beds of Yugoslavia, has now been found in the Gshelian layers of Slovenia. The pelecypods described can be compared as most similar to the fauna of Ural, Donbas, Podmoscowian Basin and North America.


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Astafeva - Urbajtis, K. A., & Ramovš, A. (1978). Upper Carboniferous (Gshelian) pelecypods from Javorniški rovt, the Karavanke Alps, Slovenia. Geologija, 21(1), 5–34. Retrieved from https://www.geologija-revija.si/index.php/geologija/article/view/1623