Rockfalls Stara gora near Dvor in municipality Žužemberk


  • Magda Čarman
  • Tina Peternel



In Slovenia, an increased number of rockfall events have been noticed in the last years. They were most likely in relation to weather extremes. At Stara gora near Dvor in municipality Žužemberk, fallen blocks of carbonate rock have already caused damage on a residential object and represent a danger to real property and human lives. The blocks source area is situated in the Žužemberk fault zone. The carbonate rocks in the fault zone are tectonically highly disturbed, which leads to their rapid erosion and disintegration. The rockfall events are a result of the ridge erosion and will also appear in the future. Hazard degree assessment and protection assessment were based on the results of detailed geological and engineering geological mapping and rock fall simulation with RocFall computer software. A rock fall hazard map was also produced.


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Čarman, M., & Peternel, T. (2010). Rockfalls Stara gora near Dvor in municipality Žužemberk. Geologija, 53(2), 173–180.




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