Upper Carnian Clastites from the Lesno Brdo Area (Dinarides, Central Slovenia)


  • David Gerčar
  • Ajda Koceli
  • Andreja Založnik
  • Boštjan Rožič




This paper presents a detailed study of the Tuvalian clastic member in the Lesno Brdo Area in Central Slovenia (External Dinarides). The member represents the uppermost part of the mixed siliciclastic - carbonate Carnian succesion that overlays the carstifled emersion surface on top of the "Cordevolian" limestone and dolomite. The Tuvalian member is composed of red and violet sandy mudstone and marlstone that are interbedded with sandstone and gravelly sandstone. Calcite concretions are common, particularly in mudstone and marlstone. The succession was deposited on the flood plain, where fine-grained flood sediments are interrupted by medium- to coarse-grained crevasse splay sandstone and cross-stratified gravely sandstone of the small river channels. Alternatively, this succession could have been deposited in the distal zone - terminal splay/fan sediments. According to paleogeographic subdivison we suggest that the provenance area was located to the south, where carbonates, volcanoclastites/vulcanites as well as clastites were eroded.


How to Cite

Gerčar, D., Koceli, A., Založnik, A., & Rožič, B. (2017). Upper Carnian Clastites from the Lesno Brdo Area (Dinarides, Central Slovenia). Geologija, 60(2), 279–295. https://doi.org/10.5474/geologija.2017.020




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