Extent of the Upper Norian - Bhaetian Slatnik Formation in the Tolmin Nappe, eastern Southern Alps


  • Boštjan Rožič
  • Luka Gale
  • Tea Kolar-Jurkovšek




In the Norian and Rhaetian the area of present-day Slovenia was divided into the Julian Carbonate Platform on in present north, the Dinaric Carbonate Platform in the present south and the intermediate Slovenian Basin. Main Dolomite or the Dachstein Limestone were deposited, on the platforms whereas the basin was characterized by the Bača Dolomite. The Upper Norian-Rhaetian succession was recently recognized in the northern part of the basin. It was studied in two sections and defined as the Slatnik Formation. Rich conodont and foraminiferal assemblages were additionally studied. Two new sections of the Slatnik Formation are presented in this paper, proving the existence of the formation across the entire northern segment of the basin. The Povdnar section is located in the continuous facies belt westward from the type-locality on Mt. Kobla. When compared to the type-locality and the other previously studied section at Mt. Slatnik, the Povdnar section exhibits more distal basinal development, where hemipelagic limestone prevails, whereas resedimented limestones occur only sporadically. For this reason, a coarsening and thickening upward trend that was recognized in previously investigated sections is poorly expressed in the Povdnar section. The second newly studied section is located on Mt. Javor where the most northwestern succession of the basin is found. In this section, the Slatnik Formation is composed solely of hemipelagic limestone.


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Rožič, B., Gale, L., & Kolar-Jurkovšek, T. (2013). Extent of the Upper Norian - Bhaetian Slatnik Formation in the Tolmin Nappe, eastern Southern Alps. Geologija, 56(2), 175–186. https://doi.org/10.5474/geologija.2013.011




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