Organic Compounds in the urban dusts in Celje area


  • Gorazd Žibret



This paper presents the results of the analysis of organic chemicals in different urban dusts. The aim of the research is preliminary evaluation of the presence of organic contaminants in household dust, attic dust and street sediment. Celje area has been chosen as a pilot study site due to availability of sampling materials from previous sampling campaigns. Samples have been tested to the presence of 120 organic Compounds. Attic dust contains 98 different organic Compounds or 82 % of all measured. Terpenoids, alkylbenzenes and different Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH's), as well as plasticizers, halogenated Compounds (among them also PCB's) and pesticides (DDT and degradation products) can be found there. It also contains all of the in this study analysed US-EPA priority pollutants. Street dust contained 70 different organic chemicals (58 %), among them 14 priority pollutants. Traces of aliphatic organic Compounds, PAH's, aldehydes and ketones, esters, and plasticizers are found there. House dust contains lowest number of organic Compounds. Among 45 detected (38 % of total measured), 8 are priority pollutants. Aliphatic Compounds, alkylbenzenes, aldehides, ketones, acids and PAH's can be found there. Current number of analysed samples, as well as only qualitative evaluations were made does not allow making any solid Interpretation of obtained results in regarding to the potential sources of chemicals or potential environmental hazards. This study can thus be used only as a guideline for future studies of organic chemicals in urban dusts.


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Žibret, G. (2013). Organic Compounds in the urban dusts in Celje area. Geologija, 56(1), 87–96.