Deep-water Triassic and Jurassic beds from Mt. Kobla (W Slovenia)


  • Stanko Buser
  • Bojan Ogorelec



This contribution deals with geological setting of Mt. Kobla which is situated in the central part of the Bohinj ridge, and brings a review of the previous geological studies in the area. The first detailed studies are closely related to a 6334 m long Bohinjska Bistrica-Podbrdo railway tunnel which was opened in 1906. The tunnel is constructed just under the peak of Mt. Kobla and encompasses 8 lithological members. The second period of intensive geological studies is related to elaboration of the Basic Geological Map, scale 1:100.000, Sheet Tolmin that were carried out from 1969-1987. During this time, Middle Triassic to Late Cretaceous existence of Slovenian Basin and two platforms in western Slovenia was established. In the past decade geological studies in the area have been focused on detailed stratigraphy and lithology. The analysis of conodont assemblages and foraminifers indicates that a part of limestone classified in Basic Geological Map as Lower Jurassic are actually of the Upper Triassic age. Jurassic sediments in Mt. Kobla were settled in deep-marine environment of the Slovenian Basin. Limestone breccias and calcarenites were transported by gravitational currents from the shelf edge to the slope and to the basin. In Lower Jurassic calcarenite with abundant reworked ooids and crinoids occur.


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Buser, S., & Ogorelec, B. (2008). Deep-water Triassic and Jurassic beds from Mt. Kobla (W Slovenia). Geologija, 51(2), 181–189.




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