Dacite - siltstone peperite from Trlično at Rogatec, Eastern Slovenia


  • Polona Kralj




Dacitic glassy lava flow at Trlično is surrounded by a dacite - siltstone peperite and peperitic breccia that underwent alteration, recognised in two, only a few metres thick zones. In the higher-temperature alteration zone, albite extensively replaces volcanic glass and primary plagioclases. The siltstone components are altered to microcrystalline quartz, iron oxides and interlayered illite/smectite clay minerals. This zone developed upon thermal metamorphosis related to the transfer of heat from the cooling lava. In the lower temperature alteration zone, analcime occurs as the replacement of volcanic glass and pore- and fissure-filling, while the primary plagioclases and poorly lithified siltstone remained fairly unchanged. This zone developed under hydrothermal conditions related to the heating, circulation and reactions of pore waters in the sediment surrounding the lava flow.


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Kralj, P. (2021). Dacite - siltstone peperite from Trlično at Rogatec, Eastern Slovenia . Geologija, 49(1), 85–90. https://doi.org/10.5474/geologija.2006.006




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