Redeposited Rudists in Paleocene Flysch near Anhovo (Slovenia)


  • Mario Pleničar
  • Bogdan Jurkovšek
  • Stanko Buser



Breccias in the Lower Paleocene flysch near Anhovo contain rudists that lived at the northern edge of the Dinaric carbonate platform, from where they were transported into the flysch basin during the disintegration of the platform. We described the following redeposited rudists from the Lower and Upper Cretaceous: Vaccinites vesiculosus (Woodward), Hippuritella lapeirousei (Goldfuss), H. nov. sp. ex gr. castroi sensu Vicens, H. heritschi (Kühn), Hippurites bioculatus (Lamarck), H. conicus adriaticus Sladić-Trifunović, H. turgidus Rolland du Coquan, H. colliciatus Woodward, Bournonia cf. excavata (D’Orbigny) Douvillé, Sabinia aniensis Parona, S. sublacensis Parona, Sabinia sp., Offneria cf. italica Masse, and Offneria sp.


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Pleničar, M., Jurkovšek, B., & Buser, S. (2001). Redeposited Rudists in Paleocene Flysch near Anhovo (Slovenia) . Geologija, 44(1), 115–136.




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