Well log responses in metamorphic rocks near Maribor


  • Aleksander Brezigar
  • Mirka Trajanova




In the Stražun forest at Pobrežje near Maribor, (Eastern Slovenia) six boreholes have been drilled from 860 to 1600m deep. The paper describes geological conditions in mentioned boreholes, as well as in wider surroundings of Maribor with stress on metamorphic rocks. Based on petrographic analysis of the rocks cuttings and well logs the upper phyllitic part ant the lower Pohorje series of the metamorphic complex could be separated. The first one includes phyllites with phyllitic quartzites and silicate marmorized limestones. The Pohorje series is represented by two-mica gneiss and schist, mainly with inclusions of amphibolite and eclogite, and subordinately retrograde chlorite-amphibole schist. The well log responses for particular lithological sequences of metamorphic complex have been distinguished on the basis of conventional electrologs and gamma ray measurements. The problem of lithological interpretation of well logs in these rocks is described. Two fields of well log responses are distinguishable, as separated by the degree of natural radioactivity. Apart from veined quartzite, all rocks from the phyllitic part of the metamorphic complex are highly radioactive. In the Pohorje series gneiss, schist and diaphtorite-phyllonite are highly radioactive, while amphibolite, eclogite and retrograde chlorite-amphibole schist have low radioactivity. Finally, typical well log responses in lithological sequences of the discussed metamorphic rocks are presented.


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Brezigar, A., & Trajanova, M. (1994). Well log responses in metamorphic rocks near Maribor. Geologija, 37(1), 459–481. https://doi.org/10.5474/geologija.1995.018




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