Methodological contribution to geochemical subdivision of coal seams


  • Jože Uhan



The statistical analysis of geochemical data collected at Zasavje coal basin offered the possibility to use distribution characteristics of geochemical factors and clusters for subdivision and genetic interpretation of coal seams. In accordance to sampling scheme for variance analysis the interval samples of coal and bearing rocks brought data on ultimate, proximate and atomic emission spectrometric analysis, and silicate analysis of coal ash. Variability of all measured variables was studied on regional, vertical, sampling and analytical level. After factor analysis of 23 selected variables terrigenous (K, Cu, V, Cr, ash, Zn, Be, Co, Al2O3, SiO2), carbonate (Mn, CO2, Fe2O3, Ni), sulphide-sulphate (sulphide and sulphate sulphur, Fe2O3), nitrogen-hydrogen (O, N, H) and typomorphic factor (Sr, Ca, organic sulphur, C, Ba) have been determined. Five synthetic variables (factors) explain 79% of the total variance. Yet on the basis of the first three factor values the samples can be arranged by use of cluster analysis into sample groups (clusters), which represent various geochemical segments of coal seams. By using above presented methodological guidelines which are based on crosssections of individual coal-bearing basins structural units, the future multidisciplinary research can lead to genetic model of Slovenian coal basins. Presented article is a contribution to look after best possible geochemical methodology which purpose is to reach this aim.


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Uhan, J. (1994). Methodological contribution to geochemical subdivision of coal seams . Geologija, 37(1), 305–319.