The use of recent overbank sediments in geochemical mapping of Slovenia


  • Milan Bidovec
  • Robert Šajn
  • Mateja Gosar



Heavy inundations in 1990 left on flood plains much overbank sediment that was the object of our investigations. The overbank sediment is a homogenized sandy-silty material derived from numerous smaller and larger eroding areas upstream of the sampling point. Therefore it is considered a good sampling medium for geochemical mapping. On the ground of Chemical analyses of 134 overbank sediment samples of drainages in Slovenia two kinds of geochemical maps were made: for individual Chemical elements and for five elemental associations. In spite of low resolution, the geochemical characteristics of a number of Slovenia were established. Comparison of mean elemental contents in overbank sediments with mean contents in stream sediments showed similar values, and comparison with Clarke values for shale and soil showed lower means of Slovenia for most of the determined elements. A number of high values of certain metals (Cd, Cu, Cr, Hg, Mo, Pb, Sb, Zn) can be related to known mineral deposits and occurrences, and to industrial activities.


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Bidovec, M., Šajn, R., & Gosar, M. (1998). The use of recent overbank sediments in geochemical mapping of Slovenia. Geologija, 41(1), 275–317.




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