On the mercury ore from the Grübler orebody, Idrija


  • Matija Drovenik
  • Tadej Dolenec
  • Bojan Režun
  • Jože Pezdič




Detailed studies of ore from the Grübler orebody furnished several new data about the Idrija mercury deposit. The metasomatic ore in the Lower Scythian dolomite is ascociated with the Middle Triassic igneous activity, but was later tectonicaly fractured and crumbled. Veinlets, veins and breccia originated. Cement consists mainly of white granular dolomite which is in variable, but lesser amount accompanied by cinnabar, organic matter, quartz and pyrite. These compounds occur in several generations. The authors consider that cement is associated with the activity of subsurface water during the uplifting the deposit toward the surface by the Alpine orogeny. Studies are supplemented by mass spectrometric analyses of sulfur in cinnabar and of oxygen and carbon in several dolomite generations.


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Drovenik, M., Dolenec, T., Režun, B., & Pezdič, J. (1990). On the mercury ore from the Grübler orebody, Idrija. Geologija, 33(1), 397–446. https://doi.org/10.5474/geologija.1990.010