The Quaternary valley fills of the Sava River and neotectonics


  • Dušan Kuščer



There are no indications of neotectonic deformations of the Würmian valley fill of the Sava River between Radovljica and Ljubljana. The three older Quaternary valley fills on the contrary show clear tectonic deformations, a continuous rising tendency of the area between Radovljica and Kranj and of the area between Medvode and Medno, and a subsiding tendency of the areas of the Sorško Polje and Ljubljansko polje. The observable deformation is only a continous bending of the terraces, but the existence of faults in the older valley fills in the deeper parts of the basins, where they are covered by the younger valley fill, can not be excluded.


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Kuščer, D. (1990). The Quaternary valley fills of the Sava River and neotectonics. Geologija, 33(1), 299–313.