Fossil lamellibranchs from the Carnian beds at Orle


  • Bogdan Jurkovšek
  • Bogomir Jelen


The paper presents a short supplement to the present knowledge of the fossil lamellibranch fauna from the Carnian beds at Orle. The hitherto known species from this locality included Pachycardia rugosa, Trigonodus carniolicus and Myophoria kefersteini. However, the newest investigations added the species Trigonodus bittneri, T. abdominalis and the subspecies T. problematicus problematicus. The finding of the T. abdominalis species, described for the first time from the Drenov grič locality, is the first quite important proof of this population’s presence and a firm evidence of the supposed micro-evolutionary process.


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Jurkovšek, B., & Jelen, B. (1988). Fossil lamellibranchs from the Carnian beds at Orle. Geologija, 31(1), 129–132. Retrieved from




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