Contribution to the study of Upper Cretaceous stratigraphy of Brač


  • Desanka Pejović
  • Rajka Radoičić


The biostratigraphy of a part of Senonian of the northern part of the Brač island is given on the base of biota of beds in the areas of Pučišća, Sutivan, Supetar-Spliska, east of Povalje and Voščica. Also the biostratigraphic outline of the middle part of the Upper Cretaceous series of the southwestern part of Brač is presented, and distinguishing of certain formations proposed, which have still to be described in more detail. Pironaea milovanovici (the youngest in the ’‘evolutionary series” of pironeas) which was considered the index fossil of the Upper Maastrichtian, in the succession at Brač occurs in limestones of Campanian age. The stratigraphic extension of genus Pironea Meneghini is consequently Campanian and Maastrichtian. The genus Colveraia Klinghardt has the same stratigraphic range. Keramosphaerina tergestina appears most probably in the Upper Santonian, and it disappears during the Upper Campanian.


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