Fassanian beds with daonellas in Slovenia


  • Bogdan Jurkovšek


Fassanian beds in Slovenia were until present known and paleontologically proved only south of Loka near Zagorje. Investigations of recent years showed, however, that a part of beds with daonellas which were attributed up to now to Langobardian, or broader, to Ladinian, undoubtedly belongs to the Fassanian substage. In three new findingplaces were determined the known Fassanian species Daonella tyrolensis Mojsisovics, D. badiotica Mojsisovics and D. longobardica Kittl. East of Ravne above Šentrupert three new species were found: D. slovenica n. sp., D. ramovsi n. sp. and D. buseri n. sp. They represent until now unknown links in the phylogenetic series of the D. tyrolensis group.


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