Hydrogeology of the Drava field


  • Ljubo Žlebnik


Drava field can not be considered as an uniform aquifer. There three hydrogeological units are to be distinguished from the view point of definite areas of recharge and discharge. The first unit is restricted to the northwestern margin of the field and is urban in character. Its ground water is not available for the water supply. The second unit covers the field between Bohova and Dogoše in the north, and between Hotinja vas-Dravski Dvor-Starše in the south. Its ground water is replenished by the lost streams having their sources under Pohorje, and by the atmospheric precipitations. It is discharged to the spring of Miklavž and directly to the river Drava. The third unit comprises the greatest central part of the field and the hilly catchment area of the Ranče creek. The ground water discharges from the foot of Pohorje to the spillway channel of the Zlatoličje power plant, as well as to the Hajdina and Pobrežje springs.


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