Hydrogeologic conditions of the Mavčiče dam site


  • Ljubo Žlebnik


The Sava valley is cut thirty metres deep in the Kranj—Sora field. A true canyon is confined between rather steep walls built of Pleistocene conglomerate and gravel from the Mavčiče village to the town of Kranj. Thus natural conditions have come into existence being favourable for construction of a run of the river plant. An artificial barrier will be constructed across the Sava river at Mavčiče for a power plant. Many exploratory boreholes have been drilled for subsuface reconnaissance of the dam site and the artificial lake. They call attention to the porosity of the Pleistocene conglomerate and gravel. Therefore, a test grouting has been undertaken in the Mavčiče section to reach such watertightness of the foundation rock of the dam as has been measured in the underlying oligocene sandstone.


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