Pollen in Quaternary sediments from the Soča Valley


  • Alojz Šercelj


Quaternary deposits confined to the Upper Soča Valley are much more accumulated in the vertical than in the horizontal section. They are mainly of glacial and fluvioglacial origin. At Solkan the Soča river enters the Gorica field coming together with the Vipava Valley. There, the fluvioglacial deposits are spread far and wide in the Lower Soča Valley. An attempt was made to date and correlate the sediment samples taken from ten locations in the Upper Soča Valley and from eight sections in its lower part. By the pollen contents of the examined samples stadial periods from the Riss glaciation up to the end of Würm glaciation are indicated.


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Šercelj, A. (1981). Pollen in Quaternary sediments from the Soča Valley. Geologija, 24(1), 129–147. Retrieved from https://www.geologija-revija.si/index.php/geologija/article/view/488




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