Middle Eocene molluscan fauna from Lepena


  • Vasja Mikuž


Lepena is situated on the Southern slope of the Karavanke Alps. It is more known by siderite, occurring in Carboniferous beds, and by iron manufacturing in Middle Ages and at early modern times, than by fossil contents of Tertiarv beds. In general the Tertiary succession has been considered to be of Middle Oligocene age, but now its Middle Eocene age is proved by the gastropod species of Tympanotonus hantkeni (Munier- Chalmas) determined from sandy marl. The latter is dominant species of a molluscan association indicating an alternation of transgressive and regressive sediments brackish in character. At the same time normal sea water deposits of Alveolina-Nummulite limestone and flysch have been laid down in South-Western Slovenia.


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