Biostratigraphy of the Carnian beds in the Mežica area


  • Bogdan Jurkovšek


The Carnian stage appears to be well developed in the Mežica area. Nevertheless, its lower boundary is not closely defined, as the ore-bearing limestone of the Cordevolian substage is devoid of all diagnostic fossils. The Julian substage is characterized by three shaly horizons interbedded by limestone and dolomite. Each of three shales is underlain by a black limestone oolite sheet. From the shales were determined two gastropod, seven pelecypod, one nautiloid, and five ammonoid species; most of them were found in the first Shale. The lithologic features and the fossil faunas can be very well correlated with those of the Bleiberg area. The third shale is overlain by a barren bedded limestone assigned to the Tuvalian substage by means of lithological characters and its position under Norian dolomite.


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