Microfossils from Middle Triassic beds near Mišji Dol, central Slovenia


  • Katja Oselj
  • Tea Kolar-Jurkovšek
  • Bogdan Jurkovšek
  • Luka Gale




Middle Triassic beds exposed along the road between Mišji Dol and Poljane pri Primskovem (Posavje Hills) comprise marlstone, tuff, volcaniclastic sandstone, and thin- to medium-bedded limestone and dolostone. The succession was logged and sampled for conodonts. A relatively rich conodont assemblage was determined, consisting of Budurovignathus gabrielae Kozur, Budurovignathus sp., Cratognathodus kochi (Huckriede), Gladigondolella malayensis Nogami, Gladigondolella tethydis Huckriede, Gladigondolella sp., Neogondolella balkanica Budurov & Stefanov, Neogondolella cf. excentrica Budurov & Stefanov, Neogondolella constricta (Mosher & Clark), Neogondolella cornuta Budurov & Stefanov, Neogondolella sp., Paragondolella excelsa Mosher, Paragondolella liebermani (Kovacs & Kozur), Paragondolella trammeri (Kozur), Paragondolella cf. alpina (Kozur & Mostler), and Paragondolella sp. The assemblage correlates with the upper Anisian and lowermost Ladinian assemblages from the Global Boundary Stratotype Section and Point (GSSP) of the Ladinian at Bagolino in the Southern Alps in northern Italy. Along with conodonts, numerous specimens of benthic foraminifera Nodobacularia? vujisici Urošević & Gaździcki were recovered from the lowermost part of the succession. Previous research on this taxon is critically evaluated.


How to Cite

Oselj, K., Kolar-Jurkovšek, T., Jurkovšek, B., & Gale, L. (2024). Microfossils from Middle Triassic beds near Mišji Dol, central Slovenia. Geologija, 66(1), 107–124. https://doi.org/10.5474/geologija.2023.004




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