Upper Carnian and Lower Norian conodonts from Mirna in Lower Carniola


  • Anton Ramovš


In the Mirna valley of Lower Carniola a dark gray nodular limestone occurs interbedded with marl and claystone. The rock is well stratified and marked by the persistent occurrence of the conodonts: Epigondolella abneptis, E. nodosa, E. permica, and Gondolella polygnathiformis. By the vertical distribution of these elements the following zones were identified: The lowest limestone bed is characterized by the plate-like element of Gondolella polygnathiformis indicating the upper part of the subbullatus zone and the lower part of the anatropites zone. In the middle Epigondolella nodosa prevails associated with Epigondolella permica and Gondolella polygnathiformis. Thereby the macrolobatus zone of the late Tuvalian substage is indicated. The thin top limestone layer belongs to the kerri zone of the early Norian stage as shown by the assemblage of Epigondolella abneptis, E. nodosa, and E. permica. The plate-like conodonts mentioned above are described in detail.


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