Geologic characteristics of the educational trails at Ponikva


  • Nina Rman



Tourist society for the care and improvement of a district Ponikva opened two tourist educational trails in 2010: the Trail of Ponikva's Three Notable Inhabitants and the Karstic Water Educational Trail of Stanko Buser. The first describes mainly cultural-historical remarkableness of the area, but the spot at Šamec sand pit presents also Ponikva's lithological composition with Govce layers, Lithotamnian and Šentjur limestone. The second trail passes by the home of well-known geologist Prof. Dr. Stanko Buser, and explains connections between lithological composition, topography, karst features and inhabitant's water supply. It points out dolines, dry valleys, sinking streams, karst springs and karst caves, and also presents so called šštepih', wells used to acquire drinking water.


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Rman, N. (2010). Geologic characteristics of the educational trails at Ponikva. Geologija, 53(2), 197–201.




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