Anisian Strelovec Formation in the Robanov kot, Savinja Alps (Northern Slovenia)


  • Primož Miklavc
  • Bogomir Celarc
  • Andrej Šmuc



A detailed sedimentological features of the Slatinski plaz section with a transition from the deep-water Anisian (Illyrian) Strelovec Formation to the Ladinian shallow-water Contrin Formation have been presented. The Strelovec Formation is divided into five different lithostratigraphic units that are characterised by dark hemipelagic and pelagic thin-bedded limestones and dolomitic mudstones that are frequently intercalated with deposits of gravity-mass flows, slump and slide to fine-grained low-density turbidity origin. The Strelovec Formation was deposited in a hydrodynamically quiet, pelagic deeper-water anoxic environment, most probably on a gentle platform slope. In the upper part of the formation, the presence of olistolith blocks of shallow-water limestones indicates the closing of the prograding shallow-water platform wedge. Massive dolostones of Unit 6 mark the complete filling of the basin and the beginning of the shallow-water Sedimentation of the Contrin Formation in the Early Ladinian.


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Miklavc, P., Celarc, B., & Šmuc, A. (2016). Anisian Strelovec Formation in the Robanov kot, Savinja Alps (Northern Slovenia). Geologija, 59(1), 23–34.




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