Hydrogeology of the transition area between Prekmursko polje and Goričko (NE Slovenia)


  • Katja Koren
  • Mihael Brenčič
  • Andrej Lapanje




In April 2014 a detailed hydrogeological mapping was performed in the transition area between the hilly Goričko in the north and the flatland of Prekmursko polje in the south (NE Slovenia). The occurrence of groundwater and surface water phenomena were registered and groundwater levels determined in a number of dug wells. Some basic physico-chemical parameters of water, i.e. temperature, electrical conductivity and pH were measured. Groundwater level map of the area was drawn and groundwater flow directions determined. In the Goričko area, groundwater flows from north to south, while in Prekmursko polje groundwater flow is parallel to the flow of the Mura River, i.e. NW-SE. In the transition area between Goričko and Prekmursko polje groundwater countor lines bend substantialy indicating a change in the relief as well as change of the hydrogeological characteristic of Sediments. The groundwater pH and temperatures in Goričko and Prekmursko polje, are simillar. However, the electrical conductivity of groundwater in Prekmursko polje is higher than in Goričko.


How to Cite

Koren, K., Brenčič, M., & Lapanje, A. (2015). Hydrogeology of the transition area between Prekmursko polje and Goričko (NE Slovenia). Geologija, 58(2), 175–182. https://doi.org/10.5474/geologija.2015.013




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